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Design & Planning

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The journey begins at this point

Whether you're embarking on a new hotel construction, renovation, or update, you aim to create a space that prioritizes guest comfort, meets franchise standards, boosts RevPAR and Occupancy rates, and stands the test of time. With limited personal time and urgent submission requirements, we are here to be your trusted partners.

Design encompasses more than aesthetics—it encompasses the seamless flow of rooms, the harmonious integration of furniture colors and styles, and alignment with your brand identity. Striking the ideal balance between timeless comfort and contemporary preferences ensures long-term guest satisfaction. And it all commences right here, with us by your side.

1. Explore the Overall Vision

It all begins with the first step... What are your goals? A brief conversation with our friendly Account Manager allows us to grasp the size and scale of your project. Are you looking to enhance guest rooms, furnish a specific area, or renovate your entire hotel?

2. Design the Layout

Equipped with your architectural drawings, our Design Team will commence the process of space planning, considering factors such as room quantity, size, and functionality.


We have collaborated with hotel industry franchise, familiarizing ourselves with their brand guidelines and requirements.

Knowledgeable in our field

We comprehend the intricacies of the approval process and have a deep understanding of their specific expectations and preferences.

We Speak
Same Language

We are fluent in the language of the industry, enabling seamless communication and understanding with our clients and partners.

3. Room Design

Our dedicated team of designers skillfully combine practicality, style, durability, and longevity to create an interior design that meets all necessary codes, regulations, and franchise requirements for your hotel. The interior design of your hotel plays a crucial role in your business success, helping you stand out from competitors.

4. 3D rendering

Our team of skilled 3D artists meticulously render every element with impeccable clarity, leaving no detail overlooked.

Our projects

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We build ideas driven by the future.

We’re an architecture studio and a digital design agency, building dreams that matter in culture.

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