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About us

About us

We are a one-stop hospitality and apartment supplier firm located in Charlotte, North Carolina offering manufacturing services for custom furnishings in imaginative hospitality and apartment interiors.

We are dedicated to establishing ourselves as a reliable partner and leading supplier of custom furnishings to the global hospitality industry. We have successfully attracted ambitious individuals who share our drive, leveraging their expertise to improve our operations. We have expanded our sourcing capabilities, forged strong partnerships with exceptional manufacturers and logistics providers, and upgraded our warehouse operations in the U.S. and Asia. Most importantly, we have had the privilege of showcasing our capabilities to an expanding customer base. If you are already part of our valued clientele, we express our gratitude. If not, let's begin this journey together.




Integrated Collaboration


Close collaborations with design firms, purchasing agents, and developers


Committed domestic and international Engineering/Product Development teams


Exclusive access to specialized raw material sourcing


Cutting-edge manufacturing facilities


Devoted Logistics Management and exceptional supply chain partners


Tailored reporting and project dashboard views


Seamless customs management solutions

Our Customer


Exceptional Service
Quality Products
Personalized Experience
Transparent Communication
Timely Delivery
Reliable Support

We Are Dedicated to Customer Service

Precise in every detail to ensure a flawless experience

We Are Experts in the Industry

Cutting-Edge Innovators in Custom Furnishings

We Make Amazing Products

Exceeding Expectations with Quality and Durability

We Are Here for You Always

A Reliable Partner Throughout the Entire Process

Our Customer

Support Model

If it's our initial collaboration, this phase of the process revolves around establishing a connection. We aim to understand your project's objectives, including your desired outcomes, other involved stakeholders (such as the flag or brand if applicable, ownership, design firm, purchasing team, etc.), as well as any time or budget constraints. We also value comprehending the emotional response you wish to evoke from guests when they first enter their room.

Understand Customer

Design & Development

Delivery & Installation